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The New Limited Time Offer Holiday Collection is available to purchase from 11am AEDT | 1.00pm NZDT Wednesday November 6th

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Give thanks this festive season with our 2019 Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

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* Please note: Holiday Limited Time Offers are only while stocks last. Limited Time Offers are available to be purchased through your Virtual Office. Limited Time Offers are not available at Will Call. There is a limit of 5 of each product per account.

Christmas Collection

Holiday Joy Essential Oil Blend

Enjoy the delightful fragrance of our limited-time blend, Holiday Joy. This enchanting blend of Wild Orange, nutmeg, pine needles, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, and vanilla promotes a warm holiday embrace and will fill your home and senses with the most inviting fragrance of the season.

Size: 15ml

Wholesale Price: $42.50

Retail Price: $56.67

PV: 27.50PV

Holiday Peace Essential Oil Blend

Holiday Peace is a new blend created for the 2018 Holiday Season! It consists of Siberian Fir, Douglas Fir and Himalayan Fir, Grapefruit, Frankincense and Vetiver- available for a Limited Time Only!

Size: 15ml

Wholesale Price: $36.00

Retail Price: $48.00

PV: 27PV

Buddha Wood Essential Oil

Buddha Wood is commonly known as Australian Desert Rosewood. This indigenous plant has a powerful, woody aroma and a rich amber colour. Buddha Wood essential oil is often compared to Sandalwood, however has very different chemistry and aroma. This woody oil is great for a soothing and calming meditation, and blends well with Bergamot, Lemon, Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Pet i tgrain, Clove Bud, Patchouli, Cypress, Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli, Rose and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

Size: 5ml

Wholesale Price: $47.00

Retail Price: $63.00

PV: 36PV

Banksia Aroma Diffuser & Litsea Essential Oil

This Aroma Diffuser is hand made from the seed pod that grows on Australia’s Native Banksia Tree. Each diffuser is a one off piece, finely crafted from the iconic and uniquely Australian Banksia Seed Pod, and is exclusive to Australia and New Zealand. We have partnered this with Litsea, the lemon-like essential oil that when diffused provides a refreshing and uplifting aroma. The products come together in a beautiful gift box – this is a present you’ll struggle to give away! The Banksia Pod Aroma Diffuser works by soaking up your favourite essential oil. All you need to do is keep it topped up and the Banksia does the rest. As it is porous, we recommend that you sit the Banksia Pod on a coaster to protect your surfaces.

Size: 15ml

Wholesale Price: $39.50

Retail Price: $53.00

PV: 18PV

Amāvi™ Touch Essential Oil Blend

A fusion of Buddha Wood, Balsam Fir, Black Pepper, Hinoki, and Patchouli as well as Cocoa Extract, provides an aroma that can be used as a reminder to be ever present, find love and fulfillment in the journey, in the here and now. This earthy blend can be used to promote uplifting feelings and provide a sense of emotional strength and stability.

Size: 10ml Roller Bottle

Wholesale Price: $27.00

Retail Price: $36.00

PV: 20.50PV

Amāvī Aftershave Lotion

Featuring Buddha Wood, Tea Tree, Balsam Fir, Peppermint and Litsea essential oils, dōTERRA Amāvi® After Shave Lotion is a light, non-greasy formula, leaving skinfeeling smooth and moisturised. Apply evenly to freshly shaven face and neck morning or night.

Size: 100ml

Wholesale Price: $24.00

Retail Price: $32.00

PV: 17PV

Onyx Balance Bath Bar

The Onyx Balance Bath Bar is an African Black soap derived from artisanal ingredients with naturally occurring vitamin E infused with doōTERRA Balance® Blend. This unique formulation moisturises and refreshes your whole body for a deep cleansing experience.

Size: 113g

Wholesale Price: $10.00

Retail Price: $13.00

PV: 5.50PV

Stone Lava Rock Diffuser (Set of two)

Crafted from lava rock, this diffuser is the perfect way to enhance any setting. No water or electricity is needed so the diffuser is perfect for use on desktops, side tables, and is easy-to-pack for travel and comes in a set of two. A must-have this holiday season.

Wholesale Price: $18.00

Retail Price: $24.00

PV: 0

Walnut Brevi Diffuser & Harvest Spice Essential Oil Blend

Utilising the contemporary shape of the Brevi diffuser, the Walnut look is sleek and modern. It also comes with our Harvest Spice essential oil blend. Made for gatherings of people, it may just awaken your nostalgia while creating new and joyful memories. Enjoy the warm, comforting aroma which is sweet and spicy combining Cassia Bark, Clove, Nutmeg, Cinnamon with Cedarwood and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Size: 15ml

Wholesale Price: $65.00

Retail Price: $86.00

PV: 22PV

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