How to Purchase Oils during BOGO Flash

Are you interested in Essential Oils?

This week is an awesome week to get started on your Oily Journey with dōTERRA Australia.

Why I hear you say, well it’s BOGO Flash of course. (BOGO is short for Buy One product and Get One FREE)

What this means is for 72hrs dōTERRA will release 3 BOGO Flash offers in Round One and another 3 BOGO Flash offers in Round Two.

Round One will run from Tuesday 19th November (at 9:00am AEDT) to Friday 22nd November (until 8:59am AEDT, or while stocks last)

Round Two will run from Tuesday 26th November (at 9:00am AEDT) to Friday 29th November (until 8:59am AEDT, or while stocks last)

You can order one, two or all three BOGO Flash offers in one order. This is a great way to build your collection of these amazing oils.

We use dōTERRA Essential Oils in our daily life for so many things including Topically in natural beauty products, perfumes and massage creams, Internally spicing things up in the kitchen by adding oils to our food instead of chemical flavours, Aromatically to make the house smell nice, for mood management and health to protect against seasonal threats.

How to purchase the BOGO Oils


To get today’s BOGO at Retail prices go to and click “Shop” this will take you to the retail shop or go to

To receive the Free Oil, simply put the Oil or Oils of the Day from the BOGO Flash offers you are interested in in your shopping cart and the free oil/oils will automatically be added.


To get started on your Oily Journey and get today’s BOGO go to and click “Join and Save” or go to

Option 1. Pay the $35 Membership and add the BOGO Oil of the day and receive the Free Oil as well. No ongoing commitment…no minimum to spend.

Option 2. Purchase any of our Essential Oil Enrolment Kits (prices start from $174) then add the BOGO Oil to your order and you will receive the Free Oil as well.

(Please note when purchasing an enrolment kit the $35 Membership fee is waived.)

Find Enrolment Kits here


To receive the Free Oil, simply put the Oil of the Day in your cart and the free oil will automatically be added.

For example, if the daily special is Buy 1 Turmeric Essential Oil and Get 1 PastTense Essential Oil Blend FREE, you would add Turmeric to your cart, process the order, and a bottle of PastTense will automatically be shipped to you.

You need to proceed to checkout before the free oil will be visible.


Want to know how to get these amazing oils delivered to your door at wholesale prices let me know. I would be happy to help get you started on your oily journey.

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BOGO Flash – Round One

Round One’s Offers are available from Tuesday 19th November (at 9am AEDT) will run for 72 hours until Friday 22nd November (8.59am AEDT or while stocks last)

Offer 1.

BUY: Turmeric Essential Oil 15mL

SKU 60208033

Price – $41.00 AUD*

*Price listed are wholesale prices

Try diffusing Turmeric essential oil for a unique and rejuvenating aroma. Turmeric can also provide a great burst of flavour to your favourite savoury meals.


GET: Past Tense – Relaxation Blend 10ml Roller Bottle

SKU 60201385

Save – $23.50 AUD

PastTense® is a distinctive blend of essential oils known for their grounding and balancing properties. It also provides a calming scent for a sense of ease, ideal for relaxation.

Offer 2.

BUY: Digestzen® Essential Oil Blend 15mL

SKU 31030004

Price – $43.00 AUD*

*Price listed are wholesale prices

DigestZen® Blend contains a specially selected blend of essential oils including Ginger, Fennel and Coriander that can be added to flavour food.


GET: Lemongrass and Rosemary essential oils 15mL

SKU 30130004 and 30200004

Save – $33.50 AUD

Lemongrass essential oil has a pungent, herbaceous aroma that may be refreshing and invigorating to the senses, when diffused. Lemongrass is also renowned for its unique flavour and is popular in many Asian dishes.

Rosemary essential oil’s herbaceous and uplifting scent is frequently used in aromatherapy. You can also try diffusing it to help create an uplifting atmosphere.

Offer 3:

BUY: Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil 5mL

SKU 60204849

Price – $47.00 AUD*

*Price listed are wholesale prices

Lemon Myrtle’s calming and relaxing aroma is also described as sweet and slightly herbal. You can also try substituting Lemon Myrtle essential oil in any recipe calling for a citrus zing.


GET: Tangerine Essential Oil 15 mL

SKU 60202718

Save – $22.00 AUD

Tangerine essential oil has a sweet, tangy aroma, ideal to help invigorate and energise the senses. It is a popular addition to desserts and drinks, from water to fruit smoothies

BOGO Flash – Round Two

Round Two’s Offers are available from Tuesday 26th November (at 9am AEDT) will run for 72 hours until Friday 29th November (8.59am AEDT or while stocks last)

Offer 1.

BUY: Green Mandarin Essential Oil 15mL

SKU 60208003

Price – $41.00 AUD*

*Price listed are wholesale prices

Create a bright and energised environment while diffusing the sweet refreshing aroma of Green Mandarin essential oil throughout your home or workplace. It can also be used as a zesty food flavouring


GET: Pink Pepper Essential Oil 5 mL

SKU 60208002

Save – $33.00 AUD

Pink Pepper essential oil promotes a calming atmosphere when diffused. You can also add one drop to a carrier oil as part of an invigorating massage.

Offer 2.

BUY: The Yoga Collection

SKU 60205396

Price – $77.00 AUD*

*Price listed are wholesale prices

Our Yoga Collection is made up of three blends designed to support yoga/meditation practice.

The Yoga Collection includes

  • doTERRA Ascend® Enlightening Blend 5mL
  • doTERRA Affirm® Centering Blend 5mL
  • doTERRA Anchor® Grounding Blend 5mL


GET: Whisper® Blend for Women 5 mL

SKU 31080004

Save – $39.00 AUD

doTERRA Whisper® Blend for Women provides an inviting aroma with a distinct scent that intrigues the senses of both the wearer and those passing by. Dispense one to two drops in the palm of your hand and rub on your clothing, scarves and coats to experience the unique aroma throughout the day.

Offer 3.

BUY: Wintergreen Essential Oil 15mL

SKU 31620004

Price – $36.00 AUD*

*Price listed are wholesale prices

When diffused, Wintergreen essential oil has a refreshing, uplifting aroma to help enliven the senses. It has a warming effect when applied to the skin and is excellent to use during a soothing massage.


GET: doTERRA Balance® Grounding Essential Oil Blend 15 mL

SKU 31010004

Save – $27.00 AUD

doTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend has a warm, woody aroma. Start your day by massaging doTERRA Balance® on the bottom of your feet to help promote feelings of calmness and tranquility. You can also diffuse it to help evoke a calm and balanced environment.

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