It’s BOGO Week – BOGO Box – February 2021

Everyone’s favourite time of year is here, it’s BOGO Week!

For the first time ever, you can now enrol with a BOGO Box Starter Pack! There is no joining fee, and no additional item required to be added to the order.

The Bogo Box Starter Pack is exactly the same as the BOGO Box but with a few exciting perks. You will be able to take advantage of wholesale prices without paying the $35 AUD joining fee PLUS receive a FREE doTERRA Adaptiv™ Touch Tranquil Blend 10mL (valued at $30.00 AUD). *Conditions apply.

Anyone who joins with the BOGO Box Starter Pack will also receive the Introductory Packet which includes the Live, Share & Build Guides and Product Guide Book .

Simply go through the usual enrolment process and select the BOGO BOX image from the carousel displaying the Starter Pack images or use the search function. The free doTERRA Adaptiv™ Touch Tranquil Blend 10mL will be added to your order when you checkout.


Enrolment SKU: 60217532

SKU: 60216674

Wholesale Price: $270.00 AUD


Retail Price: $360.00

PV: 166

SAVE: $317.75 AUD

The BOGO Box will be available from Monday 22nd February 2021 at 10:00am until Friday 26th February 2021 at 11:59pm AEDT or while stocks last.

Limit of 2 per account


* BONUS Surprise product – Manuka Touch 10mL Roller Bottle

* BONUS Product – Clementine Essential Oil 15mL (Limited Edition)

* Brave® Touch – Courage Blend 10mL Roller Bottle

* Brevi® Walnut Diffuser

* Citronella Essential Oil 15mL

* Clearify® – Air Blend 15mL

* Douglas Fir essential oil 5mL

* Easy Air® – Clear Blend 15mL

* Introductory Kit (Peppermint, Lemon, and Lavender Essential Oils, 5mL each)

* Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil 5mL

* Neroli Touch Essential Oil 10mL Roller Bottle

* On Guard® Protective Blend 15mL

* On Guard® Sanitising Mist 30mL

* Patchouli Essential Oil 15mL

* Tea Tree Essential Oil 15mL

💎 BONUS for New Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates

* FREE doTERRA Adaptiv™ Touch – Tranquil Blend 10mL Roller Bottle (valued at $30.00 AUD)

* FREE access to Wholesale Prices for 12mths (valued at $35.00 AUD)

* FREE Introductory Packet which includes the Live, Share & Build Guides and Product Guide Book

* 💎 FREE Grapefruit Essential Oil (to be eligible please contact me before purchasing)

* FREE welcome pack of goodies from Essential Oils by Mystical-Spirit

💧Are you ready to join doTERRA?💧

The enrolment process includes the following steps:

* Go to my doTERRA website –

* From the menu select “Join & Save”

* Choose country & language

* Choose type of doTERRA membership (Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate)

* Compete the form

* Choose Starter Pack (in this case it would be the BOGO Box starter Pack – SKU: 60217532)

* Enter payment information

* Wait for your box of goodies to arrive


For full details go to

Feb 2021 BOGO – Full eBook by doterraaunz
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