January Promotions – AU

Trust the magic of new beginnings. ✨

We’re here to inspire you to achieve your goals with our January promotions:

💙 January Snapshot

To learn more visit: https://bit.ly/2QtZpae

💙 Enrolment Promotion – Up to 20% off Enrolment Kits

Are you living the life you want? Are there changes that you want to make?

Whether it is about achieving health and wellness goals, buying essential oils at a discounted wholesale price, getting them for free, or earning some additional money, with so many different kits available, there is sure to be one that meets your needs.

This month you can save up to 20% off Enrolment Kits.

To learn more visit: https://bit.ly/37lZGTq

💙 Get 10% off Smart & Sassy® Active Blend in January

A seasonal favourite, we have Smart & Sassy® as our 10% off product for January. After a time of overindulgence it is great to refocus. Smart & Sassy® is an ideal companion to a healthy eating and exercise program. It’s flavour and aroma are uplifting and stimulating to the senses. Smart & Sassy® contains Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon.

To learn more visit: https://bit.ly/37mgqtH

💙 200PV Frankincense Promotion EXTENDED

Our 200PV Frankincense promotion has been extended! Receive a FREE Frankincense essential oil (valued at Retail $120.00 or Wholesale $90.00) when you process a 200PV order from 1 to 15 January 2020!

To learn more visit: https://bit.ly/369p4eS

💙 Yellow Mandarin 5mL is our Product of the Month

Yellow Mandarin oil from cold-pressed semi-ripe fruit peel is the most floral of all mandarin oils. It has a positively delicious and uplifting aroma.⁠ 🍊

To receive a FREE Yellow Mandarin 5mL simply place a single LRP order of 125PV by 15th January 2020.

Yellow Mandarin is a limited time offer product and is only available during January! ⁠

To learn more visit: https://bit.ly/2F6nn68

💙 Full terms & conditions visit: https://bit.ly/2MFbfgG

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