Mother’s Day Gifts 2022

Recognise love like no other this Mother’s Day. This selection of precious and exquisite gifts celebrate a mother’s nature and can help replace the words for how much mum means to you. Lovingly packaged for Mother’s Day, our gift selection is available until 15 May or while stocks last.

Madagascar Vanilla Essential Oil 5mL


Precious and delicate, the flowers of the vanilla plant blossom for just one day the entire year. Their rare beauty fleeting, farmers must dutifully pollinate each flower by hand in a labour-intensive ritual filled with both rewards and challenges.

Synonymous with the journey to motherhood, the prized vanilla beans appear months later, ready to produce an absolute essential oil so subtle and evocative, you’ll want to use it to enhance every one of your blends, settling mind and body with feelings of warmth, happiness and familiarity – just like a long-awaited journey back home.

SKU: 60221516
Wholesale Price: $52.00
Retail Price: $70.00
PV: 37

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Floral Trio

Spoil mum with the enticing and evocative aromas of pure essential oils. Our Floral Trio has arrived just in time for Mother’s Day, capturing nature’s beauty in full bloom.

Featuring three of our most-loved Purefumes ideal for layering, our Floral Trio showcases the feminine and aromatic flowers of Chrysanthemum, Gardenia and Osmanthus. Our Floral Trio comes lovingly gift wrapped for Mother’s Day.

Free Wholesale Membership valued at $35.00 AUD with Floral Trio Starter Pack using SKU: 60222197. *Conditions apply. Click here to join with the Floral Trio.

SKU: 60221559
Wholesale Price: $131.00
Retail Price: $175.00
PV: 100


You also have the option to purchase the Floral Trio individually. Check them out below!

Chrysanthemum Touch 10mL

Chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum indicum) is believed to have originated in East Asia and is a perennial plant with bright yellow flowers. It’s been a part of Chinese practices for over 2,000 years and is known for it’s relaxing floral scent.

Chrysanthemum Touch 10mL

SKU: 60217716
Wholesale Price: $66.00
Retail Price: $88.00
PV: 50

Osmanthus Touch 10mL

Osmanthus (osmanthus fragrans) is from the same botanical family as jasmine and lilac. A small evergreen shrub or small tree, its tiny orange blossoms are commonly used to enhance the flavour of green or black tea. It is expensive and labour intensive to produce and often used to scent fine perfumes.

Osmanthus Touch 10mL

SKU: 60217714
Wholesale Price: $44.00
Retail Price: $59.00
PV: 33

Gardenia Touch 10mL

Gardenia is known as a valuable perfuming ingredient and is an elegant and beautiful flower with an exceptional fragance known for it’s calming and delightful aroma.

Gardenia Touch 10mL

SKU: 60217715
Wholesale Price: $44.00
Retail Price: $59.00
PV: 33

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