2021 Pure Connection Kit – Limited Time Offer – April 2021

2021 Pure Connection Kit

Now available to purchase for a limited time.

Featuring an array of new limited time offer products and CPTG® essential oils, along with two brand new products – You won’t be able to wait to get your hands on this kit, all at a great value! 

Limited Time Offers in Kit:
• Sage Dual Texture Pouch
• dōTERRA® Davana Touch 10mL 
• Tulsi (Holy Basil) essential oil 5mL 
• Pursue Touch Connection Blend 10mL
• Bergamot Mint essential oil 15mL
• Laluz™ Diffuser 
• Peppermint, Lavender & Cedarwood Conditioner Bar Infused with Essential Oils 100g
• Wild Orange and Lime Shampoo Bar Infused with Essential Oils 100g

New Products Included in Kit:
• dōTERRA Whisper® Touch Blend for Women 10mL
• dōTERRA Balance® Bath Bar 113g

Available for a limited time, while stock lasts

Item: #60217853
Retail Price: $333.00
Wholesale Price: $250.00
PV: 142

dōTERRA Pure Connection Kit eBook

Download a copy of the Pure Connection Kit eBook at the following link https://doterrapureconnection.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/doTERRA-PURE-Connection-Kit-eBook-ENGLISH.pdf

Product Information

Click the link Convention Kit Product Information to download a copy of the information pages shown below.

For More Information

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