May 2021 – Monthly Promos (AU)

A new month is upon us, which means it’s time for new promotions and this month there is lots of amazing promotions on offer.

Product of the Month


We all have setbacks in our lives, causing us to doubt ourselves or feel pessimistic. doTERRA Motivate Touch™ with its invigorating scent may help you unleash your creative powers and find feelings of courage that come from believing in yourself again.

  • Rub doTERRA Motivate Touch™ onto your temples to set the tone for the day.
  • Apply doTERRA Motivate Touch™ when working on a project at work or studying.
  • Try applying to pulse points before participating in sporting events or other competitions.

Note from Tress: This is a favourite oil of mine, one of my go to blends to use as a natural purefume (perfume). I love the way the citrus and mint oils combine to create a unique fragrance.

Terms and Conditions

  • Wellness Advocates and Wholesale Customers receive the free Product of the Month by placing a single 125P V+ LRP order through the Australia or New Zealand warehouse between 1-15 May 2021 Mountain Daylight Time.
  • Only 1 free Product of the Month per Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer account with a 125PV LRP order, either local or international and not both.

Product Information Page – for more detailed information about this product please refer to the following link Learn more about Motivate Touch

Save 25% Off in May

For the first time ever, during the month of May, we have not just one, but three products each at 25% off!

Rose Touch 10mL

Rose Touch combines Fractionated Coconut Oil with Rose essential oil, one of the most precious essential oils in the world. Rose essential oil is timeless and nostalgic, it is known to be alluring. As part of a self-care routine, Rose essential oil used in conjunction with skin creams and lotions is a must for any pampering skin-care regime.

SKU: 60203009
Normal Wholesale Price: $110.00 | PV 83
Discounted Wholesale Price: $82.50 | PV 62.25

Frankincense Touch 10mL

doTERRA Frankincense Touch provides the renowned benefits of Frankincense essential oil in a convenient roll-on applicator. Combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil, Frankincense Touch is the must-have oil blend to have on hand to help soothe skin, provide a calming feeling and balance emotions throughout the day. It has aroma that is soft and resinous and restores peace.

SKU: 60201186
Normal Wholesale Price: $68.00 | PV 44
Discounted Wholesale Price: $51.00 | PV 33

Salubelle® Beauty Blend 10mL

Salubelle is a beautiful combination of Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum and Rose essential oils that have been used throughout history for their beautifying properties. Specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote a clear and bright complexion.

SKU: 60205351
Normal Wholesale Price: $97.00 | PV 88
Discounted Wholesale Price: $72.75 | PV 66

Product Information Pages

Click the following links to download a copy of the information pages.

200PV Promotion EXTENDED

200PV Promotion EXTENDED to 15th May – Process a 200PV order and you will receive a Citrus ⁠Twist Refreshing Blend 15mL & Pilot™ Diffuser (Valued at $91.00 AUD Wholesale, $98.00 NZD ⁠Wholesale) for FREE!⁠

To find out more details about these products go to the post 200PV Promo – 1st April – 15th May 2021 on the Latest News Page on our website.

20% off regular Starter Packs EXTENDED

20% off regular Starter Packs EXTENDED until 31st May!

To find out more details about this promotion and what’s in the Starter Packs go to post 20% Off Starter Packs – April-May 2021 on the Latest News Page on our website.

Enrolment Promotion

NEW Lifelong Vitality (LLV) Everyday Starter Pack with FREE ENROLMENT⁠

At our Pure Virtual Connection we shared with you that we will be launching a new LLV Starter Pack. This pack is only available for a Limited Time and includes some of our most popular, easy to use foundation products.

Not only have we discounted this collection but when you purchase this starter pack, we will waive the membership fee between 1 May – 30 June, 2021.

To find out more details about this promotion and what’s in the Starter Packs go to post Enrolment Promo – Limited Time Starter Kit – May/June 2021 on the Latest News Page on our website.

Mother’s Day Products

Celebrate, acknowledge and appreciate the special women in your lives with our ⁠exclusive gift offering, available until 9th May.⁠

To find out more details about these products go to the post Mother’s Day – Limited Time Offers 2nd April – 9th May on the Latest News Page on our website.

The doTERRA® Therapeutic Wellness NEW additions

The doTERRA® Therapeutic Wellness NEW additions on sale 4 May 2021.⁠

  • Roman Chamomile 5mL
  • Bergamot 15mL
  • Cypress 15mL

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best essential oils in the world. We can’t improve on Mother Nature’s gifts, nor do we want to try. We know that the highest quality oils – the safest, the most potent and the most powerful – are those in their purest form.  

As a tribute to our high standards of quality and our commitment to purity, we’re excited to introduce three new products to our Therapeutic Wellness Range – Bergamot, Roman Chamomile and Cypress. With the wellness benefits of these oils now formally recognised, our dream of helping as many people as we can has never been more alive than it is today.

Learn More: To learn more about the doTERRA® Therapeutic Wellness range of high quality oils, supplements and herbal products click on the following link

New product launch

New product launch on sale 4 May 2021.⁠⁠

  • Balance Bath Bar
  • Kids Collection (individually)
  • Whisper Touch 10mL

In line with our commitment to purity, we are proud to continuously bring new and PURE products for you and your family to enjoy every day. ​​​​​​​Available to purchase from 4 May! Explore our exciting new PERMANENT product offerings and discover your next favourite item.

Our New Products include:

Whisper® Touch Blend for Women 10mL
Easy to use and convenient, roll on to wrists, neck and pulse points, letting the oils interact with your body chemistry to create a distinct personal fragrance all your own. 

Balance Bath Bar
Infused with the warm, woody aroma of doTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend, our balance bath bar puts an aromatic sensory experience within arm’s reach. Easily creating a calm and balanced atmosphere for all your self-care rituals. 

Kids Collection – Now available for individual purchase
This means your favourite oils from our kid’s collection are now available separately, so you don’t have to purchase the kit to benefit from this amazing range of supportive oils.

To find out more details about these products go to the post New Product Release AU – May 2021 on the Latest News Page on our website.

For full terms & Conditions visit:

For More Information

For more information about how to purchase any of these products please feel free to contact us by Phone or Email.

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